Dana pens one of the best pen shops in the world

Dana Pens was established from another family business of the Dana family, “Dana Printing”. “Dana Stationery”as it was called back in the day, was established in 1976 at 74 Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv, was the first shop of its kind in the stationery industry, the store served as a center for unique and prestigious stationery products, along with luxury old leather products. In 1995, Shimon Dana decided to set up a new shop specializing in pens, also at 74 Dizengoff St., it was a dream come true for Shimon Dana, who was known as an expert and an avid collector of fountain pens.

Shimon Dana is one of the biggest pen experts in the world, at the start of his career that has spanned 5 decades, he did his apprenticeship at the Waterman pen factory in France to learn about the processes of making pens and nibs. In 1998, Shimon designed the special pen to mark the 50th anniversary of the State of Israel, which was manufactured by OMAS and sold with great success in many countries of the world. In 1999 he was appointed chief consultant to PELIKAN, the German stationery giant. Indeed, it can be said that Shimon Dana brought awareness to the whole world of pens and fountain pens to the general public in Israel, in fact he put Israel on the world map as a leader in the demand for fountain pens.

“Dana Pens” was selected by the magazine “PEN WORLD” as one of the ten best pen stores in the world thanks to: 1) The selection of pens. 2) Store design. 3) Customer service. 4) Professionalism. In 1995 we founded the – “PENS LOVER CLUB” which now has over 2000 pen lovers/members. Shimon Dana is one of 19 experts in the world who have received the warrant to repair and renovate pens from the pen manufacturers, such as: Parker, Sheffer, Waterman, Pelican, Mont Blanc, Visconti, Aurora, Sailor and more.
Dana Pens serves as the leading laboratory in the country for repairing pens, specializing in renovating fountain and antique pens and nib restoration. You can also get advice on everything related to pen collections.